Cash Register for iPad

RKSV-compliant cash register for Austria

If you wish to use Cassa as a regular cash register, connect one of the supported receipt printers and you are all set.

If you live in Austria and want to implement an official cash register conforming to government's regulations (RKSV), here is what needs to be done:

  • Download the Cassa-app from App-Store
  • Connect a receipt printer
  • Fill out all the necessary fields in the function Setup and don't forget to press the question mark ('?') for detailed help text!
  • Purchase a registration-unit (In-App purchase)
  • Call function Register database. Your database is registered with the signature-server. This is a one-time service. If you wish to run more than one cash register with Cassa, the same process needs to be done for each database.
  • Call function Add Entry. The start-up receipt (Startbeleg) is presented. Press Save and print the start-up receipt.

You have just printed your first, digitally signed cash receipt, perfectly complying with the Austrian government's requirements!

In order to make your cash register official, there remain a few things to be done. The cash register must be announced to the tax authorities:

  • In the Cassa-App call the function Registration and send the output to yourself as e-mail.
  • You can forward this data to your accountant and request him to register the cash register with the tax office, or
  • you can present yourself at the tax office and request access to the government's finanz-online-service and register the cash register yourself.
  • Now download the Austrian government's 'Belegcheck-App' from the App-Store, and use it to scan the start-up receipt's QR-Code and transfer it to the tax office.
  • When you receive a green OK as reply, then your Austrian cash register is in full working condition!

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