Electronic Journal

Various ways to use the application

The Cassa-application was designed to turn an iPad or an iPhone into a discrete and light cash register for shops, associations, and small businesses. The app has several handy functions, that make a powerful tool for various tasks:

  • The app can run any number of journals. Each journal corresponds to a database with a distinct configuration.
  • If your business runs product lines that need separate accounting, just create a separate journal-database for each accountability.
  • If you need to deal with various currencies, create a journal-database for each currency.
  • Within the same installation of a Cassa-application, you can run journals configured as databases, others configured for recording your own expenses, others configured to track the deposits and expenses of a travel-group.

Preconfigured items:

For each journal-database, a distinct set of preconfigured items can be defined in an external text file that is imported into the journal's database. When using the Cassa-application as a cash register for a shop for example, all (or the most frequently sold) articles would be preconfigured with their price and tax-rate. For keeping track of the deposits and expenses of a group-travel, the participants' names and the types of expenses would be preconfigured. When adding a booking, the list of preconfigured items appears and an item can be selected from the list.

When calling the main menu's function Totals, the sum of all debits as well as credits is of course displayed. Additionally, the totals per item are calculated. The individual sum of quantity and income received are displayed per item. For a group-travel, the total of the deposits of each person, as well as the total for each type of expense would be shown.

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