Cash Register for iPad


The Cassa-application can be configured to your personal needs directly within the application itself, using the functions Setup and Printer. If you wish to run multiple journal-databases or define preconfigured items, then this is done by connecting the iPad or iPhone to a computer and accessing the Cassa-app's document directory using iTunes or an iPhone browser like iMazing. Once connected, you will see the following files in the document directory:

  • -cassaMaster.cdb is a template for creating additional journal-databases: copy -cassaMaster.cdb, rename the file (without leading dash and with extension .cdb. After restarting the Cassa-app, the new journal is ready for use.
  • cassa.cdb is an empty, ready-to-use journal-database. Open it, enter your personal data in Setup and start adding entries!
  • testCassa.cdb is also an empty journal-database for experimenting and exploring the application.
  • -cassaMaster.rtf, cassa.rtf, testCassa.rtf are text files for external configuration of the journal-databases.
  • A sub-directory (like 2017.03.31-2017.07.01) is created, when calling the function Reset. This sub-directory contains all the data that needs to be copied to an external storage for RKSV-compliant cash registers for Austria.

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